Gravity Core

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Suisoft is a one man company based in the UK. The Company was formed in 2007 by Gary Marples, driven by a desire to create challenging, fun games and unleash them on the World. Gary does all development work (coding, graphics and sounds). Only music is bought in.

Much inspiration comes from 80's arcade and computer games. Gary spent far too much of his youth in darkened seaside arcades hammering away at shoot'em'up cabinets. The twisty sticks and big buttons of Ikari Warriors are sorely missed.

The first release; Gravity Core is an inertia based game in the spirit of 80's classics such as Asteroids, Thrust and Oids with an added injection of hardcore shoot-em-up.

Please download a free demo or watch the video.

Suggestions and comments are always appreciated. A lot of work goes into a game but there's always room for improvement. Please leave feedback via the Contact page.

In order to avoid Gary's starvation or running out of beer, Suisoft also develops software for businesses. If you have a need for high quality databases or applications, please get in touch via the contact page.

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